An Invitation to a Historic Collaboration

13-year-old Wonder Kid Natalie Tinti Shares the Rare Opportunity for All Kids out there to Have His or Her Story Published Together With Tales From Other Children.

13-year-old Wonder Kid Natalie Tinti Shares the Rare Opportunity for All Kids out there to Have His or Her Story Published Together With Tales From Other Children.

TEMECULA (December 19, 2012) – Multi-awarded child author, illustrator, and creative genius, Natalie Tinti, enjoins children the world over to be part of her new book project, From the Heart: a Children’s Series Designed to Inspire. This time, 13-year-old wonder kid Natalie shares the rare opportunity for all kids out there to have his or her story published together with tales from other children. A first in literary history, Natalie thought of a global collaboration among children to motivate them to channel their energies in exploring their own vision of things around them and putting this vision in writing. For children who have the knack for drawing, this is also your chance to showcase your God-given talents as writers and illustrators. All interested children can access Natalie’s website at which is created exclusively to accommodate story contributions from children until March 1, 2013.

From the Heart: A Children’s Series Designed to Inspire came out of Natalie’s observation from her public appearances related to her widely acclaimed Sewing a Friendship series. Natalie’s interactions with other children in school and her numerous public appearances revealed that every child is an overflowing repository of original stories, imaginative tales, and legends of action-packed adventure which other children would also love to read. Natalie’s idea of putting up this invitation to a historic collaboration of children authors (and illustrators, as well) is her way of empowering other children to speak their minds, explore their talents, and have fun while developing their literary brilliance inside them.

The website was designed and created to make it easy for children contributors to share their stories, and for Natalie to manage your submissions efficiently. Here are the mechanics for sending your story submissions to Natalie: (1) Each child author can submit one story at a time for a minimal and non-refundable processing fee of $5 to be paid through PayPal; (2) A maximum of three stories may be submitted separately by a child author; (3) Each story should be written in English and should not be more than 1200 words in length; and (4) The stories should be written creatively and scenically using appropriate adjectives. Meanwhile, here are the perks if your story is selected for inclusion in the book From the Heart: a Children’s Series Designed to Inspire: $25 for every story included with or without illustration, and free three copies of the book. There is absolutely no limit to where children’s vivid imaginations can bring them in their stories. Moreover, once your story is selected for inclusion, you will establish your own reader fan-base and you may be following the path which brought Natalie Tinti to success as a child author of international renown.

If you adored Natalie Tinti’s Sewing a Friendship series, here’s your chance to have your own story featured alongside your idol Natalie’s stories. Submit your original stories to the From the Heart: a Children’s Series Designed to Inspire website at or through the publisher’s site: Natalie will surely love reading them. Tell the world your story and take part in Natalie Tinti’s invitation to a historic collaboration. Don’t forget that your date with destiny has an expiration date - March 1, 2013, hurry!

About Natalie Tinti

Natalie Tinti is currently in the seventh grade at Orange County School of Arts.  Her amazing innate writing talent showed through in her first grade essays and continues to be her unique way to express herself.  She also demonstrated her remarkable artistic ability at a very young age and won first place in a local drawing contest when she was just five years old.

She decided to write the popular kids' book, Sewing a Friendship, because she noticed several children at her school appeared to be having trouble making friends. Natalie has finished 10 more books Sewing a Friendship series, tackling topics such as Turning Bullies into Friends and How to Talk to your Teenager.

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