Comedy Trio to take on New Web Series, 'Traffic Patrol Tapes'

The original Traffic Patrol Tapes was a short comedy which featured ‘found’ footage of 'two of Britain's laziest policemen'.

Warren Dudley, Roger O'Hara and TJ Herbert are ready to take the internet by storm with the production of a comedic web series. The original Traffic Patrol Tapes was a short comedy which featured ‘found’ footage of 'two of Britain's laziest policemen'.

"With over 75,000 YouTube hits," said Dudley, "we know it’s time to take the concept to the next level." The trio share a love for comedy and are already well known in UK comedy circles for several short films and TV pilots, including the popular Come on You Chickens.

"We now want to build on the success of 'Traffic Patrol Tapes'," explained Dudley. "Our goal is to now produce 24 highly polished episodes of The Traffic Patrol Tapes for use on VOD platforms and download sites. The new episodes will be shorter than the current film and will centre around one comedic situation - with the series benefitting from a more extended story arc.

The comedy team plan on retaining the charm of the original film in the new episodes, as well as use the latest HD in-car filming techniques to give the series a slicker feel. "This will certainly stretch the budget a little" said Dudley, "but we're confident we can do it with the help of our fans."

Dudley, O'Hara and Herbert have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 USD to produce the 24 part web series.

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website for creative projects, causes and inventions, where individuals, groups and companies post their projects for fans, supporters and site visitors to review. Indiegogo visitors may support these campaigns by contributing funds from as low as $1 to thousands of dollars, and in exchange, they receive perks that relate to the specific project they support.

"We're confident that our web series will be entertaining," said Dudley. "We’re asking our supporters to visit the site and make a small pledge to help us out!"

For more information on the Traffic Patrol Tapes web series or their Indiegogo campaign, visit or

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We are Warren Dudley, Roger O'Hara and TJ Herbert. With a shared love of comedy we have produced several short films and TV Pilots. Warren and TJ are also currently working on a feature film project called The Bromley Boys – about the worst football team in Britain. Set in 1970 the film will be directed by Bafta and Emmy Award Winning Director Matt Lipsey.

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